Why I'm tired of WIRE

Bopster ([email protected])
Sun, 20 Sep 1998 23:52:38 +0200

Fellow wirelings!

AS the subject said I've grown terribly tired of this (once) dear forum.


1) Pointless and childish banter on silly topics (Example: "The next U2".
Every respectable band makes it's own mark. If you can call a band the next
something and feel totally sattisfied with that definition I don't think
the band in question could be very interesting)

2) Ignorance, pointless and crude generalizations (Example: Nobody but the
People of Northern Ireland can understand the things they're going through,
and thus they have no right to comment upon the Troubles. If you continue
this line of argument you can easily conclude that no human being can truly
understand another, and thus we have no right to either comment or
criticize one another, a nihilistic standpoint I have trouble seeing U2

3) Selfrighteousness (sp?). (Example: People telling one another what jokes
are appropriate, and why).

4) Dogmas (Example: U2 is the greatest band ever and nobody will ever
approach the divine hights these splendid beautiful men have. How the hell
do we know that?)

These are the main things that bother me about Wire right now. Please, try
to show respect for one another, try to not be too cocky about what is,
after all, only your personal opinions. Wire is multicultural, there is a
different climate of debate in all of the countries we come from. Try to
cut everyone some slack, to cherish in our small differences instead of
writing off somebody as being wrong or "evil".

Still yours,


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