Rattlling and Humming for HELP on a screening

PETER MAHERAS ([email protected])
Sun, 23 Aug 1998 18:32:18 -0400

Awhile back I posted the possibilty in having a special screening of
Rattle and Hum on Dec 9(the 22nd anniversary of U2's first performance
in Canada?[correct me if I'm wrong]) well it is possible, but so far
the cost is quiote high-$25 bucks a head with all u can drink pop and
eat popcord in a very nice VIP cineplex cinema. I have contacted other
theatres and am awaiting word back-

In the mean time I need help with this project-anyone in the Toronto
area willing to get together and discuss ideas in getting this to happen
-please drop me a line-

I am also curios to know who of you would be willing to pay 25 to get
extra special service and comfort for the screening of rattle and hum-I
have 5 people already and need 25 more to make it happen

Thanx-good comments and suggestions would be VERY appreciated.


[email protected]

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