L.A. Times Reports of U2 and Acid

Dana Susanne White ([email protected])
Sun, 23 Aug 1998 19:09:29 -0700

Well, acid house music, that is.

Please don't flame me. I just want to believe that there are people out
there who have moderately developed senses of humor. Anyway.

What follows is directly cribbed from the Los Angeles Times Sunday print
edition, it all belongs to them, yadda yadda, I am nothing but a worthless
cog in the grand scheme of things and if they sued me they'd get an empty
can of Mountain Dew and an automatic pencil. No lead.

Pop Eye, pg. 65

"Remixes of tracks by New Order, Bjork, and U2 are among those on 'A
Perspective: 1988-1998,' a new two-CD set marking 10 years of the British
acid house scene, released by the British label Junior Boys Own via Richard
Branson's new V2 company. Underworld, Junior Boys Own's mainstay act, is
working on its first V2 album, with a single due in February and the whole
collection in March. . . ."

Ellipsis theirs.

And since I've got this space. . .Doesn't "Michael Duane Ford" sound like
one of those three-named crazy paranoid assassins, like "John Wilkes Booth"
or "Lee Harvey Oswald?"

Just a thought.

Returning to the bell tower,

. . .and then once you got him 'couldn't get him again. . .

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