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Mon, 24 Aug 1998 00:55:19 EDT

Well, what have we here?

<<So don't overlook what I'm saying with some typing error. It's like me
 saying "I'm gonna keal you" and you saying he didn't spell kill right, but
 forgeting the fact that your gonna be dead. One more thing "Gay People Suck"!!
 Michael Duane Ford>>

Let's reflect shall we? Who remembers the Free Tape Letter's?

Michael Duane Ford (MDF) wrote:
<<I'd like to apologize to everyone for saying I was giving out free tapes
 cause I'm not. Please forgive me, because it was a lie. I just wanted people
 to e-mail me on my birthday. I hope you don't all hate me now. Besides we all
 do love U2. Please let me know if any of you forgive me.>>

Forgive me if I am wrong, but lessee rule 14 (and I know I am totally breaking
 a shit load of them right now, but I think the purpose is served).

<<14) Don't make postings to the list which are designed to mislead people.
 What does this mean? I think it should be self-explanatory, but just in case
 it isn't, posting lies and false information is in my opinion an example of
 purposely misleading people. >>

I replied by saying:
<<Well, hello kiddies! It looks like the full moon psycho's are out again! Or
have men finally gotten PMS? I think Mr. Michael Duane Ford is a HUGE PIECE
 OF SHIT, not to mention quite pathetic! So here is what I am gonna do. I will
 give 20 people an audio cassette copy of any show I have in my collection for

Then I was told by Karine Maucourt:
<< Just thinking this kind of comment has no place on Wire...
PS: To Michael : you're honest. It's great :-) >>

then also by her in a private email:
<<When you'll (you) become a U2fan>>



okay... okay.... okay... (joe pesci LW4)

Then I wrote:
<<No, he is not honest, he is devious and conniving ... Let me also inform you
 of some information. Michael posted his message about the free tapes, and
 later confirmed to several people if they would send his address he will send
 the tapes. About 6 hours after that, he posted his "April Fool's" message! Let
 me tell you something. No one has any business asking someone for their
 address unless they are going to pull through. It's not professional --
 whether he is a bootlegger by trade or not. And it is, at the least, creepy
 (for lack of a better word).>>

Then Nico said:

And let me restate MDF:
<<your gonna be dead>>

Sarcasm or not ... this is totally unfuckingcool! No way, NO HOW is this an
 appropriate way of expressing one's self in society.

Then Owl Dork wrote:
<< seriously - what are the chances of you emailing an axe murderer? really..
 ? about 0.001% >>

Lets just say our chances just increased -- damn where is my
 pshychostalkermathmatician when I need him ... I guess that restraining order
 works pretty well!

Owl Dork also wrote:
<<thats my thoughts anyway. :) flame at will. :) (hope Will doesnt mind..
 hehehehehehehe).. :) catcha! :>>

and again I say -- DORK!

Reno then wrote (and I just kind threw this in cause of the toe fetish --
 Hehehe BTW has anyone seen the cute little tootsies on Daniel Lanois? Whoo

<<yup.. where have ye been.. playing with yer toes? :) just got a free tape in
the mail from someone I don't know>>

(:::deep cleansing breath::::)

Then Nico wrote:
Well, its too damn long read it yourself!
<A HREF="">Nico's

Then there was a whole awakening of all the people who have gotten free tapes
 ... Leanne, Elena, even Miss Heidi who either has way too much time on her
 hands or is completely the most unselfish person I have never met. And
 MODSAVAGE who felt left out cause silly me forgot to mention his name in every
 single one of my posts ... MODSAVAGE RULES!!! WHOOO HOOOO!!!! (gotcha!)

Then MDF said:
<< And all you people bitching about it and calling me a piece of shit can go
 to hell cause I didn't have to say anything. And all the people thanking me
 for my honesty, I appreciate it. ( I don't recall your names but you know who
 you are)>>

Okay well now he is even bigger! Badder (yes I just said badder), and more
 psycho then before. Why am I doing this you ask? Too much free time? Well,
 yeah, maybe. Dunno. But at any rate, don't trust this person, don't give him
 your address ... avoid like the freaking PLAGUE! Or I fear you will catch his
 disease too!

Well, I will be off to bed in a bit to have some serious fucking nightmares!
 I hope you all are able to sleep tonight with the nuts on the loose!

ooh MDF wrote this too:
<<But the only reason yall are getting mad is because I have a point and yall
 know it.>>

The point is this guy is a total freak! Wow what a day!

Good night my fellow Phreaks ... I am off for a nightmare or two.

In the name of Sparky (fat chance of dreaming of him tonight),
Shannon Carey-Thorpe

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