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This seems to be a common question, and it can probably be found on the FAQ.
But since I'm not the only one too lazy to look then here is what was sent to
me by the kind folks who bring us that lovely magazine:


Propaganda is the official U2 magazine.
It is only available by mail order at the moment.
Four issues subscription cost:


USA $20.00
Canada and Mexico $24.00

Please make checks, money orders and International money orders
payable to Propaganda and send to

Propaganda (dept. S),
PO Box 580
New City
NY 10956

Do not send cash. If you live outside the US send only International
money order in US dollars. New York residents add local sales tax. Do
not use PO Box numbers for delivery.


UK STG 10.50
Ireland and Europe STG 14.50
Rest of the world STG 20.00

Please send cheque or international money order payable to Propaganda and
send to

Propaganda/U2 Clothing Company
PO Box 5406
W7 1ZU

Visa, Mastercard/Euro Card are also accepted. Sorry we can only accept
cards which are held in your name.


Propaganda readers can also buy U2 merchandising, approved by the band and
fully guaranteed. The addresses above only process Propaganda
subscriptions and merchandising.

Please write to the above addresses with any Propaganda subscription queries.

All other questions and requests not pertaining to Propaganda subscriptions
or merchandise offers should be sent to:

U2 World Service.
PO Box 1810,
Dublin 1,

 For back issues of Propaganda please write directly to the Propaganda

Well kiddies there you have it! Have fun!
In the name of Sparky
Shannon Carey-Thorpe

For those of you who just cant wait for another issue of propaganda, and maybe
do not have some back issues, they can still be ordered. Off hand I recall
that they had issues 11, 12, 21?(the one where Melon was distributed --
although they do not have any more CD's) and issue 25 are some of the issues I
can recall. I don't think they had anything earlier than issue 11. But don't
quote me on this, it has been a few months since they sent me the list. Also
they were only $6USD for the back issues, so if you see someone selling them
for more, find out from PropPeople first.

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