Re:The next U2....Garbage?

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Mon, 24 Aug 1998 03:43:22 EDT

<<There will never be another U2, but I think the next big band could be
Garbage. Their lastest cd, version 2.0, is incredible (100 times better than
their first). Garbage are so much better than the majority of bands out there
and are not afraid to change and experiment with their music.
I think they are far better than Radiohead (funeral music) or Oasis (not
original), and could definatly sell out stadiums....Shirley Manson has an
amazing voice, and their music is so much more refreshing than the boring,
predictable Lilith Fair performers and mainstream artists.

I agree that Oasis isnt original and I think Radiohead had great potential at
one point to be huge and I still think they might be able to pull it off in
due time. Though I would definately say that Garbage (as much as I like
them) will not ever be one of those bands that will ever be as big as U2.
Their first album was excellent and now on their sophmore album "Version 2.0"
they have decided to use that favorite term "stealing from the theives" and
soon they will get caught. At first listen to "Version 2.0" I could hear a
HEAVY influence from Curve and I could hear samples taken from various bands,
but just manipulated a bit, and the beginning of track 5 sounds like a sort of
homecoming to me...but hey...thats just me...or is it???? Not only
that..Butch Vig has an ENORMOUS ego and that will not get him too terribly far
in this industry. I would like to also say that alot of the sounds he used
for the remixes for U2 he used alot of very common samples off of cheap well
known and overly used sample cds. I know this only cause I am poor and own
these $30 gems that arnt so terribly wonderful anymore because they are so
highly overused by signed artists and bands..and sadly enough one of his major
drum loops he used in the staring at the sun remixes my band had used 2 years
prior in a song. Its like...I would like to hear something original from
him...something not obvious...and to me...its all obvious ..everything he does
..its like this sample came from here and this one from
there...please....Butch gets paid ALOT of money..shouldnt he make it worth our
while?? okay so I have gone a bit off track here..and yes..I DO have a problem
with the man both onstage and off..but thats me and yes I may feel a bit
biased here..but I KNOW that there is NO WAY that Garbage could EVER be as big
as way..I would wager money on it.

its hard to say whos gonna be the next big thing. Labels dropped REM and once
they made it everyone was kicking themselves soon there after..and I bet all
of those labels that turned U2 down early on are doing the same thing. But at
the time they didnt know. Its a business and its hard to tell from one to the
next whos gonna be the next big thing and more importantly WHAT is going to be
the next big thing. For all we know Triphop could explode even more and
Massive Attack will be selling out stadiums or Romeo Void might make a
comeback and take the world by storm (thats a joke guys) ....but the best
thing could be that the future is OPEN at this point and anything could
happen....take it one day at a time and No I dont mean the TV series..but lets
just allow music to take us on its lil journey its been going on for many
years now...and then we'll see.... done...though I could DEFINATELY see Gavin Friday doing something
spectacular in the future...

"Gavin is way ahead of his time...did U know he just won an award in Europe
for being the most underated artist?" <---Bono telling me this in Denver


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