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Deseree Stukes ([email protected])
Mon, 24 Aug 1998 06:37:06 -0400

Sharon wrote:

>The very first video on "Video Gospel" at 10:00 this morning on
>is one of those 'filmed in the studio' type of things...with Franklin
>and a choir of what looked like a mix of hip hop and gospel
>singers...cut to Bono singing in front of a microphone...he is in fine
>voice and looks like he's throughly enjoying cuts back and

>forth to Franklin..another singer I didn't recognize and someone who
>looked like Jewel...who is that blonde woman....??? Anyway it sounded
>like a good song and a fun video..not quite enough Bono but it was
>to see him..ended with him and Franklin and the mixing board...looks
>like a good time was had by all...

ya, Bono looked very good (all in black with shades). The choir is Nu
Nation, Kirk's normal backing choir (there were no guest hip-hop artists
in the choir). Kirk Franklin and Nu Nation are a gospel act who have
used hip-hop styles to get the gospel message out (particularly on their
last album). Salt of Salt N Pepa rapped on their biggest hit so far,
called Stomp. Because the choir consists of youth, their style of dress
is also considered hip-hop.

The blonde woman was Crystal Lewis (popstar if you are reading, maybe
you can give some background on her). Mary J. Blige and R. Kelly were
the only other guests (or friends) on the single. Mary J. Blige has
been given the title of Queen of Hip Hop after her debut album. Her
latest album was listed on Time Magazines Top 10 of 1997 along with U2's
Pop (though i still prefer her debut album). R. Kelly started out as a
very raw hip-hop artist with song titles like Bump N Grind (think Bobby
Brown here). He has since penned the hit Gotham City for the last
Batman movie and the mega hit I Can Fly for the spacejam movie.

If you taped the video, you can follow who is who by looking at the
lyrics page at


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