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Mon, 24 Aug 1998 09:35:35 -0400 (EDT)

hey all,

my phone lines are screwed up and i had to cancel aol and icq, so i have
not been able to chat with anyone in awhile, or send an email here. i
know you are all so sad...

anyways, i went to this used book store this weekend and found that they
had used music as well. i bought the unforgettable fire record, the
faraway so close cd, the batman forever cd, and a u2 book. their prices
rocked too. they had 2 joshua tree records (which i already have) for 4
bucks, and boy, october and war for pretty cheap also. they had tapes
too. and a few cd's. yay!

in a non verbal communication class here at school, we had to fill out those
cards for the first day of class with our name, phone, etc...and the last
question we had to answer was our ideal job. for mine, i put "totour
around the country with u2 and design their shows, set design, costumes,
etc... and turned it in. they our teacher, trying to liven up the class,
decides to make us all take turns standing up and without words,
describing our ideal jobs. i thought mine was going to be impossible,
but i used my hands to make the letter U and two fingers for 2, and then
i drew the popmart set, AND THEY GUESSED IT!! i was so excited.

<shawn wrote:
<"you kiddies can get back to trading bootlegs and discussing bono's ass.
< -shawn"

bono's ass, bono's la la la la la, I LOVE bono's ass.....

over and out,

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