Re: Re: Gay People Suck

Karine Maucourt ([email protected])
Mon, 24 Aug 1998 16:25 +0200 (MET)

                          Hi Shannon and you all !

        Just a small reply about the part of Shannon's message which
concerned me. For Shannon and all the wirelings who can misunderstand this,
let me enlighten you.

>I replied by saying:
<<Well, hello kiddies! It looks like the full moon psycho's are out again! Or
have men finally gotten PMS? I think Mr. Michael Duane Ford is a HUGE PIECE
 OF SHIT, not to mention quite pathetic! So here is what I am gonna do. I will
 give 20 people an audio cassette copy of any show I have in my collection for

Then I was told by Karine Maucourt:
<< Just thinking this kind of comment has no place on Wire...

        Hope everybody can understand this reply, even if Shannon seemed to
be upset by this.

PS: To Michael : you're honest. It's great :-) >>

        I meant, he was honest to say he won't send any tape. He could let
you wait for nothing. Just this...BTW, i already explained this to Shannon.

>then also by her in a private email:
<<When you'll (you) become a U2fan>>

        And it's with much tact Shannon put on public a part of a private
message.;-D BTW, it's not important because it was an obvious (IMO) joke.
If Shannon wasn't a U2 fan, she shouldn't want to belong to a U2 mailing
list. For those who are interested, i've replied this because Shannon wrote
to me my messages about my week in Dublin were totally inappropriate
according to Joel's rules. And to my mind, it was an obvious joke. So, i
replied on the same tone. We both seemed to have very different senses of

        No hard feelings, Shannon :-D

        PS: I do not agree with MDF posts.

        PPS: I thought MDF first message about free tapes was a n obvious
joke because, as i understood it, he offered tapes for nothing, i mean, not
for trade, and he didn't ask people to pay blank tape and postage. Just to
clear it up.

        In the name of love


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