Michael Duane Ford

Lilith ([email protected])
Mon, 24 Aug 1998 11:23:03 -0400

Just a comment upon the immature spewings of one MDF:

It is my experience that persons who go around babbling uncalled-for
anti-gay sentiments at the drop of a hat are insecure about their own
sexual orientation. Don't worry Mike, I am _sure_ that you're not gay.
Well, almost sure. All the anti-gay acquaintances I had seemed to have
come out of the closet a year or so later....

Just a hint, Michael, though I may be repeating other people's
sentiments here: this is a list for _fans_ of U2, who may at least be
expected to be fans not just of the band's music but also of their
philosophy. You may want to open up your CD booklets and read their
lyrics sometimes. Er, you CAN read, can't you?


I dare you -- to be real;
To touch -- to touch the flickering flame....

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