U2 on MTV???...My Dog and U2...A Celebration!

Jennifer Werts ([email protected])
Mon, 24 Aug 1998 14:26:41 PDT

A friend of mine told me he saw U2 on MTV today or yesterday...He said
he didn't remember what it was about, but just a little something about
them...Oh, brother!!! Can anyone help me out on this? I'd like to know
what was said!!!? Also, Katelyn mentioned that her dog likes U2...Well,
mine does too, though I hadn't ever thought to mention it...She's a
black lab/German Shorthair Pointer named Jasmine, and when she's in the
room with me and I start singing along with the band, she'll start
barking at me and wiggling around....Hehe...I think she wishes she could
sing too!


PS.To the guy who was asking, I was the one who posted about "A
Celebration" the other day, and I found "what I was looking for", so to

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