Re: U2 Banner Exchange

Bec W. ([email protected])
Mon, 24 Aug 1998 20:19:09 PDT

Hello...someone asked about the U2 banner exchange. I used to have this
on my page and all of a sudden it got all screwed up... all it said was
"". I'm not sure if this has happened to anyone
else...if anyone has a working U2 banner exchange, could you let me
know? I just took mine off my page after getting frustrated with it.

40-foot lemons for everyone!!!

P.S. I saw someone's post the other day about what U2 songs they'd want
at their funeral... it's sort of frightening to know that I'm not the
only one who has thought of this!! :o) I think something like "One"
might be a little much to take at a funeral (it makes me emotional as it
is). Maybe something from the last half of Achtung Baby, like
"Ultraviolet"...or how bout "Discotheque" to pick up people's spirits???

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