It's true - a U2 Greatest Hits album may be released soon!

Simon Daniel ([email protected])
Tue, 25 Aug 1998 17:02:32 +1200

The manager of a large independent record store here in New Zealand has it
on good authority from Polygram that U2 are likely to release a greatest
hits album in time for Christmas. It would contain tracks from
the albums 'Boy' to 'Zooropa'. He was also told that U2 have recorded 4 new
songs (2 of them "rock" songs) and that these might also appear on the
album. He will find out for sure in 2 weeks when he attends a Polygram
conference in Sydney where retailers get advance notice of albums being
released later this year and make their pre-Christmas orders. When I get
confirmation (true/false) on this U2 greatest hits album, I'll post it here.
If you're wondering how I got this info, the store is called Echo Records
and the manager is a HUGE U2 fan - he even travelled to New York and Sydney
for PopMart.

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