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John Hlavaty ([email protected])
Tue, 25 Aug 1998 12:41:17 -0500

In view of the recent Savage Garden/U2
comparisons, I felt some of you might find
the following interesting.

I came across an article in today's (Aug. 25, 1998)
Boston Globe that reviewed Savage Garden's
recent Boston concert. The article is too
long for me to retype completely and I was unable
to find an on-line link for it, so below is just
the first few paragraphs of the review (where
Bono is mentioned).

It's ironic that Savage Garden and Billie Myers each
sang snatches of "Smells Like Teen Spirit" during their
sets at Harborlights. Last night's wide-ranging
but youngish crowd of 3,100 probably contained a low percentage of Nirvana fans.

Far from grunge, the misnamed Savage Garden has
cracked the teen market with heartthrobby dance-pop
that nods to '80s acts like Duran Duran, George
Michael, and a-ha, but with enough sophistication to
please adult Top 40 fans as well. The Australian
duo has sold 8 million copies of its eponymous
1997 debut (4 million in the U.S.) and last night
showed it's ready to grow as a live act.

In Darren Hayes, Savage Garden has a singer who knows
how to strike the pose and walk the walk, recalling
Bono with his close-cropped hair, black attire,
sporadic sunglasses and slinky stage moves. "We need
your help Botson," he cried to engage a call and
response of the "a chic-a-cherry cola" line in a
pulsing prance through hit "I Want You," and fans
gladly complied.

Note crowd size (3100) and recall once again how
critics complained when U2 "only" sold out 30,000
seats. This isn't an attack on Savage Garden,
after all they are just starting out. It's just
to point out how ludicrous the critics were when
they complained of such "dismal crowds" ranging
in the tens of thousands. Makes you realize
U2's place in the music world a bit more, no?

The rest of the aritcle basically went on
to state that Savage Garden are off to
a good start, but queries whether they surpass
the "one hit wonders" stage. I feel they
can. Both Hanson and the Spice Girls, the
super popular "flavors" of the current pop
music world, have had hits with subsequent releases
after their debut albums. The current music
atmosphere is still in this "pop" mode. Since Savage
Garden is not only "pop" but a talented pop music artist,
I feel they will be around for some time.

A critical factor is if Savage Garden releases a follow-up
album rather quickly. Hanson released a Christmas
album as a quick follow-up which proved to be a big hit.
The Spice Girls not only made a follow-up album
quickly, but a movie. Had either band "pulled a U2",
that is, took several years between albums, they may have
failed. Of course, to U2's credit, U2 have not made
any Christmas albums nor do they have other people
writing their music/lyrics and choreographing their every
move. Interpret that as you will.


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