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Lyn ' ([email protected])
Tue, 25 Aug 1998 10:52:20 PDT

Hi hi hi... just finished tabulating today's votes and had time to kill
so just posting to wire some stuff which will take up space! ;)

**weeellll... i was thinking that some choices i make in life are VERY
u2 influenced EXAMPLE! the ONLY reason i saw Goldeneye was because Bono
and Edge had written the theme song! after the opening credits and the
song i lost all interest in the movie

**also, i blew some cash on that Marvin Gaye Tribute [inner city blues]
and the only song i hear is Save The Children feauting Bono. i could
name other soundtracks i've spent moeny on and did the same but naaaaah
u get the idea!

**woke up a few mornings ago and in my head was the tune to 'Miami'. i
hadn't been playing POP at all ... weird.. but now it's my new
obsession! it's such a COOOOOOOOOL song. i love it when Bono screams
MIAMI! my mammy.... MIAMI

**this is not really a 'Next U2' statement but in my humble lemony
opinion, i think U2 have survived this long in the business and hold
such a huge fan base AND still have our interest in their hands is
because of the members, what i'm saying is... they have REALLY
interesting characters and it reflects in their music (plus they have

--> compare a person with a great personality and a dull twat! <--

and i think a band could be *like* U2 i.e. not just produce great music
but have such an IMPACT, if they had unique and interesting members!
*plus sexiness and downright gorgeousness could be a plus* HUBBA HUBBA!

**i wonder if anyone agrees!

**hey so is it about image sometimes then?? hmmmm....

ok that's all i have to say!

Lyn xxx
[email protected]
"All the promises we break, from the cradle to the grave..."

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