Well put, BUT (re: U2 IS Far Better than The Prodigy, BUT)

Anderson, Chris ([email protected])
Tue, 25 Aug 1998 15:50:55 -0400

Hey Manuel & WIRE,

Actually I agree with your posting from the angle that
the Prodigy and U2 have some great parelleling aspects.
Their arhcitecture for thought is similar but their perspectives
are totally different. (they both reject some aspect
of society or the "status quo", but they have different
philosophies and situations to dal with). Now, I cannot comment too
on the in-depth analysis of their (the Prodigy's) particular political
societal interests and how these interests are communicated through
the music (which is AWESOME by the way). However, I can say
that the Prodigy are not too concerned about God, the concerns
society should have in treating women equally, etc, etc. One thing
is for sure, the Prodigy was smart in selecting not to open for U2.
I am sure (and it has been expressed) that U2 are a fan of the Prodigy
well (or at least they've listened to their music.)

I admit, I don't know what the Prodigy's "message" is. Unless you can
me, then I will never know. I just enjoy their music
"Smack My Bitch Up" does not appeal to me.

Do me a favor:

Tell me what their (the Prodigy's) message is (seriously) besides,
possibly, wanting
to stay pissed off all the time. (please email this privately as it does
not relate to

With U2, however, I like them for the music AND, more importantly, the
and meaning. They have a unique faith in what they believe and I share
many points of their views: there is God, there is the savior Jesus
Christ (from what I can tell)
BUT MOST churches today are corrupt and fight/kill over a few token
I admire their (U2's) stance and I actually feel strengthened through
taking their
views into the consideration of my own. U2 also believes in human
which is why they can tolerate "the Prodigy" while not necessarily
understanding the meaning of "Jilted Generation, etc." I can do this
I can tell you right now, I have the Prodigy's latest album in my car CD
changer very often. It's great driving music!

ignore the following if you like:
Sure, U2 gets pissed off at God, the United States, violence, racism,
the press, etc, etc.
But they NEVER openly make a point by using explicit lyrics in vain to
get a point
across. Dressing up like MacPhisto, etc more of a finger raised at the
press, the Devil himself..... That's uncivilized and silly, etc, etc.

And look, throughout history there have been free-thinkers,
philosophers, anarchists,
barbarians, Hitlers, etc.....but they all have one thing in common - NO
NO REAL INSIGHTS into what life is all about or what happens after death
who is right about how one should live their life.. Stand by something
you believe
in and go with, whether it be the Prodigy's "message", the Christian
"message", or
the Muslim "message." I find the answers in how I interrupt my
Christian faith.
Believe me, I question it EVERY DAY....but the faith never leaves....
And I am one hundred percent sure no one agrees with me 100%)

This debate is pointless. I have my beliefs, they have theirs, you have
yours, etc, etc....
Simple fact: the Prodigy MIGHT NOT be the next U2.....but I still
learned a bit
from your quote, thanks! Again, what is the Prodigy's message???


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