Bono's bursting sexuality

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Wed, 26 Aug 1998 01:36:28 EDT

hey Wire...I'm jumpin into the forray...

Bono is not homosexual...he's omni-sexual!!! We all know about Bono's
bursting sexuality...ha! You thought he only went as far as Liam, Edge, and
Adam...nonono no...STAGE EQUIPMENT!!...actually anything that has the ability
to be humped. Guitars, microphone stands... (I donna include the actual
microphone...that's all about his oral fixation...that's another post!),
speakers, drum kits, keyboards, lights, Edge, Adam, but not Larry. Never
Larry... I mean he's not a pediphile. Miscellaneous members of the crowd,
belly dancers, video walls, walls in general (you all saw the Mysterious Ways
video), video cameras, and if at all possible the air, mirror balls. Oh donna
forget the actual stage, white flags,...and the list goes on and on..then
there's the stuff he does off stage... he provides ample sound effects.

We all heard the Mysterious Ways remixes...the Extended Solar Plexus Remix in
particular...gawd what was he doing on that microphone?!?! Hmmm boats? We
all know that he steals them...but what goes on below deck? And we are not
even going to talk about his dogs...we are gonna leave that subject untouched.
Oh MIRRORS..we saw ZooTV...there by humping himself.

My god a veritible clenched fist of sexual frustration!


"the best way to get rid of tempation is to yield to it."--Oscar Wilde

author's side note...thanks to Phisto and to Shamus O'Bastard for their
insight and spell check.

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