My U2 night last weekend and "Bad"

Nikki !!! ([email protected])
Wed, 26 Aug 1998 00:12:43 PDT


I went to a party last weekend and had a BITCHIN' U2 experience. And I
*never* have U2 experiences at parties. Anyway, the guy, who's house I
was at, had a JOSHUA TREE STICKER ON HIS FRIDGE! I flipped out! He
said he got it at the Joshua Tree national park, or somethin'. Then, my
brother's friend Nick heard me and said, "Oh yeah, you like U2, huh?" I
said, "Are you kidding?" He told me how much he loves Unforgettable
Fire, Joshua Tree and Rattle & Hum. HOLY SHIT! No one in my damn town
has this good of taste! Got their heads up their arses or somethin'.
But this guy Nick is BITCHIN'! (Well, actually.....he said the "new,
techno-like" U2 sucks. So he may not be as bitchin' as I thought.
But..... I forgave him eventually. I was thankful he loved U2 *at
all*!) Then he asked, "Do you have one, big U2 sticker on your car,
like, right in the middle?" "How'd you know?" I asked. He said, "I've
seen that car around, and it just had to be yours." HA HA! I love it!

THEN, my friend Heather heard us talkin' 'bout the band, and she said to
me, "Nikki- I am falling in love with U2." So she had a little to
drink. So what! It was actually quite sincere. I told her how
wonderful that was! We got talkin' 'bout the lyrics of their music, and
she motioned over toward her boyfriend and said, "They remind me of him.
They make me think of Tyler so much!" Tyler's really special to her, so
this is a real compliment to U2. She's really gettin' into them, and

THEN, we were sittin' 'round a bonfire, and I asked Nick his favorites
off Unforgettable Fire. He said, "Aw, I love.... what's #5?"
"Promenade?" "Yeah! And 'Bad.'" "OOOOOH BAD!" I said! "I love it
TOO! Classic!" He asked how it started, so I sang it, and then he
joined in. We sat around the fire, singin' "Bad." How bitchin' is

And then there was my friend Hayley. She was drunk off her ass that
night, and kept comin' over, gigglin' and talkin' gibberish. She was so
crazy and funny! Every time I'd pass her, I couldn't help but sing, "I
know a girl, a girl called Party.... PARTY GIRL! I know she wants
mooooore than a party. Party Girl!" haha! That's Hayley for ya.

OK. I've talked long enough. That was my glorious U2 night.


P.S. Last night, drivin' home from work, I was listenin' to a radio
station (Y-107). Someone requested........ BAD!!!! Can you believe
that they never play that song on the radio?!? I can't. Whatta shame.
So, this was a nice surprise. This one was the *live* version! Oh, it
was so beautiful. I was all teary eyed the whole way home. It gets me
every time. That's a helluva song!

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