My thoughts on "The Next U2"

Gregory Scott Prophet ([email protected])
Wed, 26 Aug 1998 08:19:43 -0500 (EST)

First of all, I think that this is one of the more interesting threads
that have appeared on WIRE in quite some time. That said, I think that
most of the bands that had the potential to be as big as U2 have already
fallen short. I think that Depeche Mode has some amazing songs and a
unique musical approach much like U2, but even though they were huge in
the late 80's they were nowhere near being as huge as U2. They made
albums whose themes were maybe a little too gothic or weird for most
mainstream listeners, even though they were still great albums. Dave
Gahan's drug problems and Alan Wilder leaving the band pretty much
destroyed whatever chance they had left. I still love DM and Ultra is my
second favorite album of 97 behind POP, but I think they are definitely on
the way down.
        Another band whose time is past is INXS. They had a huge sound
that vaguely reminds me of U2 and a charismatic frontman in Michael
Hutchence, but they never were taken seriously I suppose, even though they
had some really meaningful and powerful songs such as The Stairs and Guns
In The Sky(a personal favorite!).
        A band that still might have some potential left, though, is Pearl
Jam. They have grown artistically with every album and still are amazing
live. They seem to have all the elements of a band like U2 that could
really explode. They are already huge in the U.S., but not worldwide (I
don't think).
        As for Radiohead, I think that they are hugely overrated. I mean,
sure they are creative I suppose, but the songs that I've heard are all
hugely depressing and somewhat boring. Feel free to flame me if you like
here, but I just can't understand what the big deal is with Radiohead.
And yes, Oasis is retreading old ground, but they are still a blast to
listen to and breathe new life into an old style of music. Sure, they're
all pretty much jerks, but hey, I just like their music.
        Thanks for listening to my rambling. Feel free to e-mail me your
thoughts or flames...bring 'em on!!!


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