Re: Bono's bursting sexuality

Robbie Robinson ([email protected])
Tue, 25 Aug 1998 08:46:58 -0700

[email protected] wrote:
> hey Wire...I'm jumpin into the forray...
> Bono is not homosexual...he's omni-sexual!!! We all know about Bono's
> bursting sexuality...ha! You thought he only went as far as Liam, Edge, and
> Adam...nonono no...STAGE EQUIPMENT!!...actually anything that has the ability
> to be humped. Guitars, microphone stands... (I donna include the actual
> microphone...that's all about his oral fixation...that's another post!),
> speakers, drum kits, keyboards, lights, Edge, Adam, but not Larry. Never
> Larry... I mean he's not a pediphile. Miscellaneous members of the crowd,
> belly dancers, video walls, walls in general (you all saw the Mysterious Ways
> video), video cameras, and if at all possible the air, mirror balls. Oh donna
> forget the actual stage, white flags,...and the list goes on and on..then
> there's the stuff he does off stage... he provides ample sound effects.
> We all heard the Mysterious Ways remixes...the Extended Solar Plexus Remix in
> particular...gawd what was he doing on that microphone?!?! Hmmm boats? We
> all know that he steals them...but what goes on below deck? And we are not
> even going to talk about his dogs...we are gonna leave that subject untouched.
> Oh MIRRORS..we saw ZooTV...there by humping himself.
> My god a veritible clenched fist of sexual frustration!
> Birdwell
> "the best way to get rid of tempation is to yield to it."--Oscar Wilde

Oh Birdwell, you rascal, you forgot GOD! :o
Bono is always writing sexy luv songs where it can either be
a person *or* God.
Interesting ways of interperting the relationship between
Judas and Jesus in "Until the End of the World" abound.;)
I can well think that Bono is a fan of that play
that won a lot of awards a few years ago (Angels in America?)
that ended with the main character humping the Angel of
Death into oblivion:) I'm *sure* Bono will :p
I seem to remember some little thing in a very old interview
where the band members were relieved that Bono got married
so early. It didn't say why, but I imagined it was
so everybody and everything could get a little rest. Larry was
probably tired of running like crazy everytime Bono got
a glazed look in his eye :]
Horney little toad! ;)


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