Daily Tally / Autographed Photo info- LOOK!:)

Heidi Dutton ([email protected])
Wed, 26 Aug 1998 17:24:05 -0400

 Received today-

KarenB - $66.75 (auction!!)
Ray Lazarine - $8.00 (auction)
Dan Anderson - $20.00

 Thanks to all of you!


  Up for auction : a JT-era photo, autographed by all four bandmembers!
Go here to see it-

- It is autographed by all four band members, in black and blue marker.
- The starting bid is $100.00.
- The present owner has set a reserve, so if it doesn't get above a certain
dollar amount, he's not willing to let it go. This is done on eBay all the
time, so I think WE can handle it.

  So - if you wish to bid on the photograph, email all bids to ME!

  Of course, you already know this, but 100% of the money from the sale of
this item goes to Amnesty International!

BID! :-)


Donate to Amnesty International NOW - Ask me how! The 3rd Annual U2
Mailing List Amnesty International Fundraiser is happening!! Open to any
U2 fan with an email address! Click here for more information! -

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