homosexuality/free tapes/Nikki's posts PLEASE READ

Josh Faul ([email protected])
Wed, 26 Aug 1998 16:31:10 PDT

My word I leave WIRE for a week and it's gone to hell when I get back.

First of all what in the world does being gay have to do with U2's
music. WHO CARES?????????????? Who cares if Bono is or isn't gay. I
don't. I could really care less. It doesn't affect the music any. I
don't even know why we're discussing this again. Either you believe
homosexualitity is acceptable or you don't you can believe either way
and it really doesn't matter. That's your opinion. Don't push it on the
rest of us.

Now about this free tape thing. I think it's great people are doing
this. I kinda started the whole thing (well I can't take the crdeit
people have been doing it for a while but I did start it recently and by
the way all you who did win a tape from me, the early b-sides one, it IS
on the way just please be pataint I don't have as much time as I used to
so it's hard to get them all dubbed.) Anyway back to my point it's
really sad that people have to ruin things like this. Like you did Mr.
Michael Duane.

Nikki's posts are the most refreshing on WIRE. I have always enjoyed
them and I hope I always will get to enjoy them. If you don't like them
DON'T READ THEM!!!!!! Don't ruin it for the rest of us.

I've skimmed through WIRE (since I've missed more than a week) and it's
good to see Pirate Bob is back. Welcome back Bob.

Alright I'm done for now.


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