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Sara Zettervall ([email protected])
Thu, 27 Aug 1998 01:36:23 EDT

Josh Faul <[email protected]> wrote:

> I was thinking about this the other day. Why are there so many U2
> lists out there? Each one was formed because some group of people
> decided to break away from WIRE and form there own list. I guess I
> just don't understand why these people need to be separated from
> the rest of us.

It has made me sad, ever since this splintering happened, yet I think it
was unavoidable. It is certainly nice to feel like U2 fans are a
unified group, but people want different things from their mailing
lists. When WIRE was smaller, it was like a small town, where people
were able to feel they were all working together, and they could set
their differences aside. But now WIRE, or I should say the world of U2
mailing lists, has become more like a small country divided into
provinces. People discovered that they could join groups of like-minded
people instead of dealing with the whole, or move from smaller to larger
mailing lists as they chose. It allows more customization by the
individual, but the result is a loss of coherency.

> Take Exit for example. You have to be nominated to just to get on
> that list. Like they're some group of elitists or something.

The thing is that Exit was formed before the new policies of posting
(you must be a subscriber, no more than three posts, we can kick you off
if you suck) were put in place on WIRE. Personally, I think that making
it so people have to be nominated was an extreme reaction, but you have
to keep in mind that there were some nasty jokes played on this mailing
list, and there were also a lot of flame wars that went beyond reason.
Exit's screening may be extreme, but it gives them what they want.

> I know why ONE was formed and I understand what the founders of that
> list were/are trying to do but isn't it a contradiction in and of
> it self?

Once again, it depends on how you look at it because a lot of people
felt they weren't getting too many meaningful discussions out of WIRE.

> I guess I just don't see why all the U2 fans can't be on the same
> list. By having all these different groups we're most definitely
> not one and we're not the same.

Yeah, I just hope we can carry each other. A lot of people are on more
than one list, so there's hope, but there's a lot of WIRE-directed
resentment out there.

Sara Z

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