Last Call To Vote!/Vote for JT as album of the 80s!

Lyn ' ([email protected])
Thu, 27 Aug 1998 19:13:54 PDT

Hola Wirelings!

1) My month-long U2 poll will be closing on August 31 so there is 3 days
left to vote!

those who have voted a big THANK YOU and a plea to those who haven't to
please take the time to vote as your vote could make a difference! ;)

Please go to:

there's a link below the U2 picture that will take you straight to the
voting booth.

2) Sorry if someone has posted this but there's a poll going on at:

for top albums of the 80s so if you want you can go and vote for the
Joshua Tree or War! so far the Joshua Tree is winning YAY!!!

Lyn xxx

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