RE: Best of Album - Is This a Good Thing?

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Thu, 27 Aug 1998 22:29:48 -0500

I'm trusting U2 will think of some way to make this something other than
your typical greatest hits album. What if it's previously unheard versions
of various songs, sort of a Beatles Anthology-like thing. Or live
performances of their "greatest hits" as well as a couple of new songs.
Kind of an official bootleg if you will. Or Disc 1 is greatest hits & Disc
2 is all their B-sides. Or a multimedia CD w/audio & video. On the
surface a greatest hits album might seem like a step in the wrong
direction, but I'm going to give U2 the benefit of the doubt until I'm
holding said album in my hot little hands; only then, if it turns out to be
a typical "best of" album, will it anyhow.

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