questions - greatest hits and Pop

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Fri, 28 Aug 1998 11:59:13 +0800

2 questions

1) if Pop wasn't by U2 would you like it? After being very honest with
myself, I have decided that if Pop wasn't a U2 CD, I would not have given
it the time of day. I only listened to it continuously (and grew to love
it) because it was U2. If it was anyone else, I would say it was crap
techno, and I didn't like it at all. Dont get me wrong - I think it is
brilliant - but I wonder why my real reasons for thinking this are.

2) Do we really want an official greatest hits? I usually associate
greatest hits CDs with 'has been' bands that can't sell that many CDs
anymore. Real fans have all U2's greatest hits anyway - isn't the whole GH
thing just too commercial? IF they release it just before christmas - the
ideal christmas gift for music lovers - it will confirm my belief. Please,
U2, no - dont do it!

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