U2 at my work!!! / An INXS tribute thang????

Nikki !!! ([email protected])
Thu, 27 Aug 1998 21:29:50 PDT


Remember when I told y'all 'bout my work, and the shitty music they play
there? Member???? WELL, do I have news for YOU!

So, I was sittin' there today, gettin' ready to make some confirmation
calls for tomorrow's clients. I picked up the phone...... then I heard
something..... something wonderful. I hung up the phone, stopped what I
was doing. It was....... it was such a familiar sound...... a *glorius*
sound. Was it........ NO! No way! Could it be....... EDGE?!?
AAAAAAAAAAHHHHH! IT WAS! It was the Edge's *absolutely fabulous*
guitar! They played "Mysterious Ways" at work! (I think it was a remix
version) And the best part is..... I didn't even have to *ask* or bug
'em about it!!! My day was MADE, baby!

Got one more thang for y'all. I was wondering if there was a tribute
thingy happenin' for Michael Hutchence. Like, wasn't Bono gonna
contribute and be one of many to do a song with INXS? I have no clue.
Or was Edge, Adam and Larry gonna do somethin' too??? I could be way
off, but I heard *something* like this a while ago....

IF Bono did an INXS song in memory of Michael, I'd *love* to hear "Never
Tear Us Apart." That one line, "Don't have to tell you, I love your
precious heart." oooooohhh, I love it sooooooo badly when Hutchence
sings that, that I *know* Bono singin' it would be just as lovely! It's
one of those lines that makes ya melt. AND "Need You Tonight!" That's
so sexy, it has Bono written all over it! Although...... Michael made
it pretty damn hot already. Could that song get any sexier? Actually,
I think not.

AAAAAAAnyway, if anyone knows about that tribute thingy, can ya let me
know? I'm real curious about it.....



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