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Fri, 28 Aug 1998 00:34:36 -0600 (MDT)


Ladies and gents, before we you all get excited/upset about the "Greatest
Hits" album that some person posted about yesterday, take a moment to
consider what I have to say:

1) I work at HMV, this gives me some credibility, as well because I have
easy access to all things U2, also gives me an edge to finding out the
latest gossip.

2) I spoke with a Polygram Rep. today (I know her name but will not reveal
since she might get pissed off) and she says that she has not heard of any
sort of greatest hits album and highly doubts that U2 will put one out.

3) On top of this news, she also said that U2 is contemplating leaving
Polygram winding up possibly at Mercury or Sony.

4) She did confirm that the Popmart Video will be out this fall, however
she said that they have not confirmed a date.

     In our conversation I did however throw the idea of U2 action figures
around a bit, she laughed but then said that she would pass the idea up the
chain, focusing on having the figures for tour souveniers. I know that it
is a long shot but there is no harm in trying.

Well thats all folks...

                                       Mark Johnston

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