Re: New U2 Material news...

PATTY CULLITON ([email protected])
Fri, 28 Aug 1998 07:14:34, -0500

Mark Johnston said:

>>I work at HMV, this gives me some credibility<<

I used to work at PolyGram and lotsa friends still do - and I have my
own artist management co. now and have major label dealings. This
gives me some credibility too. (I don't say that as a smart-ass! I
say that so you know where I'm comin' from.)

>>On top of this news, she also said that U2 is contemplating leaving
Polygram winding up possibly at Mercury or Sony.<<

Umm....please read on.

1.) Mercury *is part of* PolyGram.

2.) U2 would *never* I repeat --never-- record for Sony.

3.) There is no possible way that a regional sales rep would have a
friggin' clue who McGuinness could even maybe talking to since it's
in breach of contract for him to even entertain other offers at this
point in the band's current contract with Island/PGD.
>>She did confirm that the Popmart Video will be out this fall,
however she said that they have not confirmed a date.<<

According to the local reps in Chicago it's Tues Nov 3.

Cheers -

In The Name Of Love, Patty

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