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Sat, 29 Aug 1998 04:13:12 EDT

Okay...first off I was never going to say anything because the one time I did
say something I got emails up the ass and so I never wanted to say anything
again but.... heres what I know.

Secondly..I am Elenas source at Polygram. I have worked for them for 2 years
now and yes I did promote and work the POP record. I just flew back in
tonight from Palm Springs from regional meetings. At these meetings U meet
with label regionals and sometimes vps, and label executives from all of
Polygrams labels (A&M, Mercury, Island, Mammoth, Hollywood, Motown, Polygram
Video, Polygram Latino, Polygram Special Markets, Polygram Classics and Jazz).
On wednesday we met with Island and one of the top Island executives was there
to speak to us about their current releases coming out in the 4th quarter (4th
quarter being the end of the year) and also a few to be released in early '99.
IMMEDIATELY after the meeting on Wednesday I called Elena and gave her all of
the information that I was given in this meeting with Island and asked her to
post it to WIRE so that everyone would have up-to-date information. I asked
my name be kept quiet because though a few of U know that I work for Polygram
and I know Patty C. did as well, I didnt want to create more problems for

I will repeat what I was told directly from one of the top Island executives.

and I quote..."U2 is scheduled to release a Greatest Hits album in November
though a date has not been set yet. Paul McGuinness is currently in New York
talking over "money" issues with Island" He did not get specific about what
these "money" issues were and I didnt ask because its business and I have to
seperate myself as a fan from my job. He "hinted" that this album may either
be like Rattle and Hum with live tracks from POPmart (hits..such as new years
day, where the streets have no name, I will follow, etc...) and would also
contain a few new songs yet to be finished but will be soon. He said though
that it could also contain strictly Greatest Hits taken from the studio albums
without any new songs. Island said they are unsure at this time what the
album will consist of and that Paul McGuinness is getting all of the details
worked out but YES there WILL be an album out in Nov. 99. Now...the record
industry also changes its mind on a daily basis so this could mean anything at
this point.

On Thursday I met with Polygram Video and this is what I was to be told about
the POPmart video.

* Release date: Nov. 3rd (VHS)
* Retail cost: $19.95
* show will be the the Dec 3rd Mexico City show.
* Total Running time is 135 minutes
* title (so far) "U2 POPmart" though when I asked if there was to be a
subtitle I was told it could possibly say "Live from Mexico City" but that has
not been decided.
* Cover artwork is not ready yet but will be next week. Im tryin to get my
hands on a color laser copy of the artwork but thats tuff and I doubt they
would give me a copy. Though I do have a copy of the video trailer with most
of the above information in my possession now. I brought home the copy they
showed us at the meetings.
* DVD-- there will be a DVD release of this show FOR SURE though they dont
have a release date at this time for it. I will try and find that out next

So there ya go..thats all of the information I received though I did hear some
really cool U2 stories from Island staff as well.

U guys can believe what U want to believe..I am just telling U what I was told
directly from Island. Also to whomever said that they worked at HMV and asked
their Polygram rep there and their rep had little information the only thing I
can say to that is that these regional meetings are all taking place about now
and possibly your rep hasnt had theirs yet. Like I soon as i got this
info I called Elena and asked her to post it. But to that person..ask your
rep in about 2 weeks and I bet they tell U the exact same thing.

Personally I dont want to see a best of but what U need to understand is with
Seagrams buying Polygram all of the labels right now are tryin to look REALLY
good and have their labels have the most sales and best releases for the 4th
quarter. Island has a little bit to work off of but if they can put out a U2
record they will generate SO much money in sales that it makes them look
really good. So when changes to Polygram take effect (they are saying early
99) the labels that are the strongest will be the ones to survive this merger.
Theres ALOT of rumors and talk going on about what will happen to all of the
labels and no one knows for sure anything and wont. I have received VERY
LITTLE information on this as its being kept hush hush until final decisions
are made.

and like I said..U can listen to me or U can ignore everything that I am
saying ...Im just telling U what Island has told me directly and Im a HUGE fan
myself and am just tryin to give U guys any information that I can so U know
what the band is up to and what is being released when.

(gonna get murdered for this post)

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