This 'Greatest Hits' thing

Heidi Dutton ([email protected])
Sat, 29 Aug 1998 07:54:40 -0400

 I know that this is something U2 haven't wanted to do, they've said so in
the past. SO - if they are so unhappy where they are now, and doing this
will get them out of where that is and into a better place for them
(labelwise), then it doesn't matter what we feel about it. Let them do it,
fulfill their contract, and go on to something that makes them happier.

 I, also, have a hard time picturing Polygram telling U2 what to do...if
they do this, it's because they want/need to. If they are between a rock
and a hard place, and this is the way out, let 'em out. Perhaps they can
do kind of what Billy Joel did - "Greatest Hits Part 1..." or something to
convey that there is more to come. Although, I would hope U2 would be a
little more creative than that with the title! :-)

 Heidi <--- wants U2 to be happy: happy bands stay around a lot longer!

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