DAVID CARR ([email protected])
Sat, 29 Aug 1998 18:07:44 +0100

"Oasis will never be the next U2. They have talked negatively of U2 in
past" - Diane-Leeeeemon

Er, every Oasis interview I've ever read, they've only had good things to
say about U2. In fact, Noel Gallagher is about the only musician from the
last 10 years to admit that a) he likes U2, and b) he wants to be as
successful as U2. As he said himself (and this is not verbatim) it's
uncool to admit to liking U2, that's why so many young bands slag them off.

For what it's worth, I doubt there'll ever be a 'next U2'. The music
industry today isn't the same as the music industry that nurtured U2 into
what they are now. I say this as somebody who works in it. Record
companies don't have the staying power and neither do the bands. There is
a trend in British bands at the moment to cancel tours due to nervous
exhaustion after having one hit single and their faces on a couple of
magazine covers. It even happened to Oasis. When did U2 (or the Rolling
Stones, or the Who, or Dylan, or any of these other 'rock dinosaurs') ever
cancel a tour due to nervous exhaustion? 90's rock stars are wimps; they
don't have the drive or the vision to be anything more than the 'next big

Oops, does this sound like a rant?...

Bye, Bye,

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