Greatest Hits Album: why its a good thing.

Scarlet Eyes ([email protected])
Sat, 29 Aug 1998 18:43:45 EDT

I think its a great idea. We Wirelings and other die-hards are only a
VERY small percentage of U2's fans. Most U2 "fans" are only casual
listeners. I have many friends who have seen them in concert, or think
they have great songs, but only have one CD, or don't own any at all!
(disturbing, I know). They just don't have a desire to sit and listen
to the songs. But if a greatest hits cd was released, I think it would
open many people up to more of their music. Bruce Springsteen, Billy
Joel, The Clash, Jimmy Buffet, Garth Brooks, Cat Stevens, The Beatles,
Boomtown Rats, Elton John, Erasure, Van Morrison, Hank Williams Sr., Bob
Marley, Echo & The Bunnymen...just a few of the Greatest Hits CDs in my
collection, none of which were a mistake.

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