What if....

THEFAMILY ([email protected])
Sat, 29 Aug 1998 18:16:51 -0500

    Someone mentinoned that U2's greatest hits aren't necessarily the hit
makers. So what if U2 were to put out a best of album of songs that maybe
weren't released as singles but absolutely would belong on a greatest hits.
A possible list (this would be different for each of us...but it's still fun
to think about):

    DISC 1
    1 Electric Co. (Live from anywhere)
    2 A Celebration (I know it was a single but it wasn't released in the
US, was it?)
    3 Party Girl
    4 Bad (Live, I know Wide Awake was a kinda single but a more recent
version or Live Aid would be better)
    5 Running To Stand Still
    6 Heartland
    7 Love Is Blindness (Live)
    8 Daddy's Gonna Pay...
    DISC 2
    1 11 O'Clock Tick Tock
    2 Two Hearts Beat As One
    3 MLK
    4 Mothers Of The Disappeared
    5 Hawkmoon 269
    6 Acrobat
    7 Zooropa
    8 Wake Up Dead Man
    9 40 (Live)

    Just some thoughts... Kinda interesting.

    Go Cubs!!!! Sammy Sosa hit # 53 last night!

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