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Ben Kopel ([email protected])
Sat, 29 Aug 1998 17:44:40 PDT

Hey Wirelings,

Here is what I think would make a good tracklist for the supposed U2
Greatest hits album:
          "Dreaming Out Loud: The Greatest Hits of U2"
               1) I Will Follow
               2) Electric Co.
               3) Gloria
               4) Sunday, Bloody Sunday
               5) New Year's Day
               6) Pride (In the Name of Love)
               7) Bad
               8) Where the Streets Have No Name
               9) I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
              10) With or Without You
              11) Desire
              12) Angle of Harlem
              13) The Fly
              14) One
              15) Mysterious Ways
              16) Numb
              17) Lemon
              18) -New Song-
              19) -New Song-
              20) -New Song-
              21) -New Song-
              22) "40" (Live from Popmart)
I would like to see a greatest hits album very much. Hey, Aerosmith put
out "Big Ones" and it didn't hurt them :) What do you think th
tracklist should be? E-Mail it to me!

I was just watching "Rock and Roll Jeopardy" and here's the first U2
question I've seen them ask:
-This Irish Group Evolved from a band called "Feedback"-
The lady who eventually won got this one right! Smart woman!


"Dream out loud, at high volume! The only limits are the limits of your
own imagination!" --Bono

"Love the stranger." --Rabbi

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