Re: again with a mega-offer (SARAJEVO double cd for $ 15.00), this ain't no joke, 200 sets available

Robbie Robinson ([email protected])
Fri, 28 Aug 1998 18:18:39 -0700

MD wrote:
> shipping within 48 hours , on receipt of payment
> As usual we accept all major creditcard, moneyorders & cash
> write moneyorders out to M.Bakker
> or / send cash - to
> 80
> 6740 AA Lunteren
> Netherlands
> (please include a hardcopy of this e-mail in the letter , with your
> shippingaddress)
> creditcard payments
> we need 3 things
> 1.your billingaddress
> 2.your shippingaddress
> 3.your creditcardnumber &
> also available against the same price the clemson double cd

Beware! Beware! I'd think *more* than twice about sending my
credit card information to a pro-bootlegger. You don't know this
person and they're working in an illegal area already.
If your gonna risk it, send the money order or cash.
I just came back from a seminar about finding personal information
about people on the internet. One thing we discussed was how people
can ruin your credit if they get your credit card number.
Man! They can find almost anything out about you if they have
just a little information.
It's ok if it's a well know comany online with all sorts of
protection on the transaction, but I'd *never* give it to a bootlegger.


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