What will U2 do?? Best of????

Asko Lammentausta ([email protected])
Sun, 30 Aug 1998 11:34:54 +0300 (EET DST)

It wouldn't be very U2-ish to relase an Greatest Hits album,
even in style of R'NH. They're made for PROFIT ONLY,
(no, I don't mean R'NH ;)
and I think that no artist who has any artistic
view doesn't want to realease one. Maybe a single
box of POP would be good, but there's no need for any of
this kind of things, since all the new singles SHOULD
be easily obtainable. (Except where I live..)
The only way I think I could live up with the Greatest Hits
album, it would have to be very mixed-up, NEW versions
of older songs, like on POP singles, minor/major changes,
different sound experiments.. Would you like to hear
Sunday Bloody Sunday with techno-loops or
a mix of acoustic and electric Gone??
I'd really like this as just gtrs, bass, stripped-down drums
and the MAGNIFICIENT high produced guitar.. :)
But back to the original subject- maybe a live/studio
album in a way of mixing a studio track over live???
I think what they're doing might end up being revolutionary
in music- maybe everyone want to do the same thing
that they will invent- I hope not another POP-style change..
I mean, I believe POP was meant to be a joke,
a 'fuck you' to the music biz of today, but ended
up different. Discotheque, IGWSHA, SATS, LNOE and Playboy Mansion
to ME are pretty shallow, POP-ish.. IGWSHA, as being exception
with SATS, are in between. The music is pop. Not very genius,
I'd say, like other U2 songs (not all, but many) but
the lyrics are U2. No one else could have written them.
POP might have been planned that way. I'm waiting
to the next new release, with fresh idea.
What will the next tour be like? They've done
the modern lifestyle twice, maybe the next time
it's "The great gig in the sky" :)

But I know I'll be very disappointed if they'll realease
just an compilation of their 'best' studio tracks.
It's not their style, it is against to what they believe in.

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