Greatest Hits

* FarawaySoClose * ([email protected])
Sun, 30 Aug 1998 02:31:13 PDT


  Im disappointed with the news of a greatest hits album for a couple of

1) I was hoping for a ***NEW*** album to be released early/mid next
year. If the september sessions are to supplement the greatest hits
project then there is no new album in sight. :(((((((.

2) Call me cynical but I can just _see_ the track list for the greatest
hits project. If its really a greatest HITS album it will contain tracks
from JT, R&H, AB and Pride thrown in for good meausre. Now AB is my fav
album, but U2 are more than that. Much more.

3) I thought about what I would want on a compilation album and I
decided it wasnt greatest hits at all. It'd be all the B-sides, or a
bunch of rarities.....but the chances of that happening are slim to nil.
Now I know Polygram doesnt really have much control over U2, but there
are some things that polygram just wont do. One of those is releasing
albums that will **ONLY** sell to die-hard fans. As someone else (cant
remember the name sorry) said...there arent that many die-hard fans out

 Of course if its a bunch of POPMART live tracks to compliment the
November release of the video....I'll be mega happy. Hmmmm except that
Im broke and that would be TWO new U2 purchases in one month. lol.

Later Aligators,

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