Greatest Hits!! Its Still a Musical Journey!!

Brian ([email protected])
Wed, 30 Sep 1998 23:57:05 +1000

Ok people all id like to say is LMAO.

For goodness Sake!!

Greatest Hits..Selling Out??...Im gonna stop being a fan???.... How could

Oh Bah Humbug, stop ya whingin the lot of ya!!!!

Well this is just how how I myself personaly see it, but I think that if
they do infact decide to go ahead with the idea of a greatest hits album
then good for them. Mind you like every other thing that pops up on wire its
all hype and rumour until it is actually released.

Anyway, sure we as the fans are always starving for new material but come on
its the members of U2 who create their music and ultimately its them who
decide what and when they release and when they should or want to record.

What harm can a greatest hits album do anyway. Personally i think it would
introduce a whole new crowd to the music of U2. People who hear their songs
on the radio and like them but have never bothered to go out and buy an
album for the simple fact that they only know the songs they hear on the
radio. I have many freinds in this situation whom i know would go out and
buy a U2 greatest hits but dont already own any albums. Whenever their in
my car they'll always recognise certain of their hit songs and sing along.
This has been the case for many bands and I myself have further gotten into
other bands this way.

Take Crowded House for Instance. I always liked there music when i heard it
on the radio but never owned any albums. A few years back they released
"Recurring Dream" which was a greatest hits cd also with 3 or so new tracks.
Anyway i went and bought it and it was this cd that made me totally fall in
love with them. It was such an awesome and powerful release that greatly
captured the essence of their career. Actually I know many people whom were
introduced to them via this album. Everyone and anyone I knew seemed to
have it, listen to it, and rave about it.

Another thing is that I find that when you seem to go to party's or listen
to music with freinds. It is the greatest hits albums that always seem to
get a good listening and priority for the plain simple fact that their
easier to agree upon.

Anyway people all i can say is that could you all please stop focasing on
your own selfish needs as obsessive fans and just let U2 or their record
companies do what ever they want to. The quality of their music is in no
way going to be downgraded by a greatest hits. Merely and celebration and a
tribute to the musical journey U2 have taken us on throughout the years thus
so far.

Dream Out Loud,

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