Re: Re: Greatest Hits!! Its Still a Musical Journey!!

Brian ([email protected])
Thu, 01 Oct 1998 01:33:20 +1000

Well i think you've raised an interesting point there but i still tend to
disagree :) To say "A greatest hits, to me,dims the light on the future of
a bands music." is kinda stupid. All the album would do is capture U2 up
until this point in time. In no way whatsoever could it have a bearing on
their future recordings or future decisions. Ok so Crowded House released
their album as a way to say farewell but this was just one example out of
many . Many bands have realesed Best Of albums and continued to produce
great new material thereafter ie. R.E.M., Bon Jovi, Rolling Stones, Bruce
Springsteen, Aerosmith etc etc etc.

Well just my opinion anyway. This also aint a flame. Well its not meant to
be anyway :)

>> Take Crowded House for Instance. I always liked there music when i heard it
>> on the radio but never owned any albums. A few years back they released
>> "Recurring Dream" which was a greatest hits cd also with 3 or so new tracks.
>> Anyway i went and bought it and it was this cd that made me totally fall in
>> love with them. It was such an awesome and powerful release that greatly
>> captured the essence of their career. Actually I know many people whom were
>> introduced to them via this album. Everyone and anyone I knew seemed to
>> have it, listen to it, and rave about it.

>I agree that A U2 Greatest Hits album may welcome the younger generation
>into the realm of U2. However, I think your example of Crowded House's
>"Recurring Dream" just proves why U2 should NOT release a greatest hits
>album. As you said, the compilation captured the essence of their
>(Crowded House's) career. This is a result of it being released because
>the band was calling it quits. Crowded House used the greatest hits
>idea to send themselves off; like saying, 'this is where we have gone
>with you guys (the fans) thanks for coming.' A greatest hits, to me,
>dims the light on the future of a bands music. Crowded House's release
>of a greatest hits was ight for them. That same decision would NOT be
>right for U2...yet. Thanks for listening to more ranting and ravings.

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