Has anyone heard this U2 song before????? Please Help Me!!!!!

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Sun, 30 Aug 1998 19:02:38 EDT

My boyfriend has a mediocre copy of a song called "Be There" which he taped
off his local radio station last year. The station (in New Jersey) was
playing B-sides all day long the day that POP was released.
Well, he has since accidentally taped over it. Can I just tell you that in
the very few times I have heard the song that I have balled profusely!!!! It
is the most beautiful love song in which a very young Bono's vocals are soooo
powerful and raw. It doesn't even compare to All I Want Is You, or With Or
Without You, or any other love song they have done.
I found the lyrics on a website which said that this song was a rarity and
never released. Well, how did the radio station get it?? Does ANYONE have a
copy of this beautiful song or know where I can get it? Also, when was it
In case some of you don't know what I am talking about, here are the first few
lines from the song:

You don't have to break your heart
In two my love
You don't have to play a part
It's you I love
You don't have to hide from yourself
You don't have to be someone else

Sniff, sniff..... please pass the tissues. Ginny

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