give U2 a break

Bec W. ([email protected])
Sun, 30 Aug 1998 21:42:41 PDT

All this talk about Greatest Hits... almost every big band has released
one of these at some point, if this is U2's time, just let it be. It
doesn't mean they're never going to put out new stuff, probably just
that you'll have to wait for it. I like to see it as U2 just taking
their time with it (they just put out an album and finished up a world
tour not so long ago!! give them a break! we don't want them rushing to
produce 12 new songs!). Just take (or leave) this greatest hits album
or whatever it is until they give us something new. It's better than
nothing! Maybe it will prompt more airplay of their videos on MTV and
VH1 (who never play U2 when I watch!). You'll probably see a few
interviews and all that other stuff that comes with an album release,
and what U2 fan doesn't want to see that?

Bec :o)

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