Fw: Edge: Well hung Bono: Dances like a girl

Kate Bellgard ([email protected])
Mon, 31 Aug 1998 17:40:07 +1000


Welcome Wire folks to another jumble of incoherent thoughts brought
to you by the junk pile that is my brain...
I was thinking about how our own Edge baby has often been described
as the anti guitar hero for his style...for not being "fast like a gun
slinger" for serving the song before his own ego. He doesn't give his
guitars names (though he may like those who do) and he doesn't overtly
pelvic thrust while holding his instrument (pun completly intended) cause
he knows he can leave that to Bono : ) Watching the Edge's movements
over the years though you do see a transformation, from slighty geeky
but totally lovely jumps and starts, with he and the guitar dancing as
new partners who may not entirely trust eachother...now he's grooves
close with it but there's never any doubt who's doing the leading. All
things I love about him...but how does that contribute to his style?
Is it just thought, intellect, early ability or lack there of. Maybe but
I have a theory. I recently came into the possession of some
*interesting* footage of a certain other bands performance
(no names = no flames) anyways, watching it brought the old
"guitar as phallic symbol" theory into my mind. Edge just can't be
described as fitting into this notion at all and thats part of what makes
him and the band different... Why? I reckon Edge is too well hung
to bother with that rubbish. He KNOWS he's got nothing to prove.
And what of the B man? shortish yeah, stockyish kinda, a poet and a
singer a saint and a sinner... The frontman of the great band. We all know
he's unique in so many ways, but today, I just gotta pay homage to one
particular facet of the man. He dances with his hips. Maybe it was
Morleighs influence but I think its been there from the start just a
little more restrained in those early years. Now don't be mad I'm not
calling him girly, and anyway why is girly such a bad thing? What I'm
saying though is he knows how to move like a woman. What does it
mean? Well for one thing it makes him cute to watch, but more importantly
than that it helps ensure the feminine spirit gets into the sound. Bono
has said himself that "Being a rock n roll star is like having a sex
change! People treat you like girl" and that as a result "When I'm with a
woman I know what it feels like. I know what it feels like to be a babe."
Sure at times he's not always pc with his lyrics, sometimes as he admits
he falls into the trap of making women redemptive angels or dangerous
devils, but always, always they have soul unlike the objects so much
male rock reduces them to. And in the end, I can't help but think Bono
dancing with hips helps them do this.
Okay I'll go away now but, sometimes the silliest things are the most
Kate, who really, really needs more sleep.

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