Greatest Hits? I thought they all were.

Daniel Bruns ([email protected])
Mon, 31 Aug 1998 09:13:54 CDT

Putting out a greatest hits CD???
Aren't all of U2's songs greatest hits???
How can they say which ones are the greatest???

Wow... This is something I thought that I would never see from U2. U2
has been putting some of their old songs on new Single CD's such as
Please. Do we really have to have their old CD's, plus on the new
singles CD's, plus on a new Best Of CD? I was really hoping to get some
new stuff from them instead of listening to stuff that has been around
for a decade or more. I always liked U2 because of their slow
progression of sounds from one CD to the next. It just seems like a big
step backwards... almost like what they did with Rattle & Hum. I guess
I'm just a guy who has faith that they could do so much more with a new
CD, with new sounds, with a new image... instead of old recordings. Oh
well, maybe my new CD will come sooner than I think.
"There are people who say that you shouldn't mix
music & politics, or sport & politics or...whatever.
But I think that's kind of bullshit." -Adam Clayton
-Dan Bruns [email protected]

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