U2 to the Rescue

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Mon, 31 Aug 1998 10:44:47 -0800

     Nico wrote:
> I am hearing alot of talk about this "Greatest Hits" album and
        though I am not one to necessarily want to see one come out at this
        time I will support the band in whatever decisions they are making
        and U need to also take into consideration that there are alot of
        politics going on. The way Im looking at this is U2 is not doing
        this to make more money, they are not doing this to "sellout", they
        are not doing this to say "our careers are over", they, I believe
        from what I am hearing, are doing it to SAVE Island records so to
        speak. Like I said all of the labels are worried at this point as
        to what will happen to them in the future and ALL of the labels
        under Polygram are trying to look really good and by that I mean
        show that their label has great potential and will stay strong and
        continue to bring new artists and releases that will benefit the
        merger. All of them want to stay on top and we all know that U2 is
        Islands biggest artist and if U2 putting out a "Greatest Hits"
        record will help Island to survive this merger and stand strong and
        look good they are going to do it. They, in my opinion, are giving
        back to Island what Island gave them .... a chance.
     First, I am in no way qualified to argue any of your points mentioned,
     but I would like to ask a question. Why would U2 STILL feel in debt
     to an Island that no longer has Chris Blackwell at its helm? Are
     there any execs at Island that U2 maintains loyalty to even after his
     ouster/departure? I do agree that U2 cutting a "Greatest Hits"
     selection to save the record company is a noble (and very U2-ey) deed,
     but is it fair? I believe the high expectactions placed on POP
     resulted in somewhat of a sales disappointment to record execs and the
     media only because U2 was expected to save the music industry. [Here
     let me reiterate that I'm not an expert, journalist, or anything-just
     a fan who tries to read up on U2 now and then.] Is it fair to
     ask/expect U2 to bear that weight? I mean, they are just musicians.
     Also, if...IF...U2 is considering changing labels, why not Blackwell's
     new label Mango (or is it Palm?)? Just an idea . . . We're all
     arguing rumors here anyway, right?
     Please don't take this as a personal flame, Nico. You've brought up
     some interesting stuff that I wanted to explore.
     I believe in love (and U2).

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