Where's the CONTINUITY in a greatest hits package

[email protected]
Mon, 31 Aug 1998 22:12:00 -0600

Sorry, folks, but it's product, not a record...and something most bands
do when the end is near (and don't call me a "lesser" fan or
non-believer, it's my opinion after a lifetime of being immersed in the
industry.. yet I'll hope for the new stuff)

        I'm glad someone mentioned this whole continuity thing. That's a big
problem with Greatest Hits records.. they lack soul. Achtung Baby is a
about a time and a place, as much as it is the music. The same can be
said for all of U2's records. In concert it works just fine, but
recorded, I prefer the smooth flow of a record as a whole, and most
greatest hits packages lack that.


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