Greatest Hits Nightmare

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Mon, 31 Aug 1998 23:49:59 EDT

Wow! I go to Vegas for a few days, and look at what has happened to Wire. Oh
wait, nothing has changed, still the same -- scroll and delete blah blah blah.

Well, anyway. The first thing I did when I got home today was delete like 100
pieces of spam from my mail box, and was left with about 6 pieces of regular
mail. Do I feel loved?

So I decided, since computer time is a valuable commodity in my home since the
husband has discovered the miracle of chat rooms, I would take the time to
read wire. Yikes, what a mistake. So I am reading this post about the
Greatest hits album, and being a person who will buy anything with a U or a 2
on it, I was pleasantly surprised. Kinda made only having 4 hours of sleep on
an airplane quite meaningless. I should have stopped there though. All these
people saying it's a sell out, it's a sign they are getting old and won't put
out any more "worthy" albums. Ohmigosh! So then I decided to watch some TV,
as I was so directed by U2 themselves. And there was this commercial of Joe
Namath (spell -- sorry if it's not soccer it's shit) for Amaco -- the gas
company. And it's this stupid little free cooler promo they are running. And
I am thinking -- okay THAT is SELLING OUT. The man looks like a complete
idiot. He can't be doing his "image" a favor at all. And you people are
complaining about U2 putting out an album. So this has me quite shaken, and
the sleep deprivation is starting to set in again -- damn jet lag. So I took
a LONG nap. And I had this horrible nightmare, thanks to the kind people of
Wire, that the Greatest hits album was really just 10 different remixes of Red
Light and Surrender done by Puff Daddy (oooh Puff Daddy -- Planet Hollywood
Las Vegas Run for your lives!!!!). Needless to say, I woke up with cold chills
and nauseated.

Thanks a hell of a lot. Honey, have you seen my Sparky doll? I need a
cuddle! :(

In the name of Sparky!

"sad eyes, Desert Foxes"
Jason ASOH '98

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