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Tue, 1 Sep 1998 00:59:43 EDT

     First, I am in no way qualified to argue any of your points mentioned,
     but I would like to ask a question. Why would U2 STILL feel in debt
     to an Island that no longer has Chris Blackwell at its helm? Are
     there any execs at Island that U2 maintains loyalty to even after his
     ouster/departure? I do agree that U2 cutting a "Greatest Hits"
     selection to save the record company is a noble (and very U2-ey) deed,
     but is it fair? I believe the high expectactions placed on POP
     resulted in somewhat of a sales disappointment to record execs and the
     media only because U2 was expected to save the music industry. [Here
     let me reiterate that I'm not an expert, journalist, or anything-just
     a fan who tries to read up on U2 now and then.] Is it fair to
     ask/expect U2 to bear that weight? I mean, they are just musicians.
     Also, if...IF...U2 is considering changing labels, why not Blackwell's
     new label Mango (or is it Palm?)? Just an idea . . . We're all
     arguing rumors here anyway, right?
     Please don't take this as a personal flame, Nico. You've brought up
     some interesting stuff that I wanted to explore.
     I believe in love (and U2).




Kimm..I am not taking anything as a flame and to the rest of WIRE I am purely stating what I know and believe based on coversations I have had..that is ultimately it. I have put myself in a very vulnerable position and I know that and I know I did it on my own discretion so please just dont kill the messenger here.

I will be out of town for a week and will have no access to email or WIRE so I will respond to this when I return Kimm and anything else thats said and if anyone has questions I have no problem answering them on public forum..meaning WIRE..just please dont send me questions to my personal email account. I dont have all the answers and never claimed to..I am just here to offer my assistance because as U...i as well am a HUGE fan...


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