Re: I don't care if I get flamed for this...

Brian Rossi ([email protected])
Tue, 01 Sep 1998 16:54:02 +1000

J wrote:
>Thus, U2 are past their "popularity" prime but definitley stil in their
>"creative" prime.

I'd have to agree with with comment, Its something that i often have
thought about in recent times.

I look back at ZOOTV and the hype and excitement that surrounded the whole
tour as compared to POPMART. I remember being at a football game at the
M.C.G. back in early 93 and finding out about the Melbourne show for the
first time via an advertisement on the big screen at half time. From then
on the whole media hype in terms of U2 specials, interveiws etc etc as well
as the attitudes of the public in general seemed to be more U2 crazy. Even
at the time when U2 came to town for ZOOTV people seemed to be more tuned
in to what U2 was doing and more interested in them. Now im not Saying
that people wernt interested during Popmart but I think that even though it
was probably a better, bigger and more powerful show the general atmosphere
and hype surrounding the return of U2 to town seemed to be on a far smaller
and less receptive scale by the general population as a whole.

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