Muscle Shirts

Craig Muckleston ([email protected])
Tue, 1 Sep 1998 12:00:01 -0700

     For all those people who mailed me about those muscle shirts, could
     you send me a mail again. My email that I sent to all of you came back
     telling me that there were unknown recipients.
     For all those who want a Muscle Shirt, email me at
     [email protected]
     P.S I purchased a CD yesterday called U2 Pride - The Classic Songs
     Live in Chicago. The quality is excellent and has 8 tracks recorded
     live in Chicago in '87. The tracks are Where the Streets have no name,
     I still haven't found what I'm looking for, Pride, Bad, The
     Unforgettable Fire, With or Without you and a couple of others. It
     comes from a company called Live Line which is based in Cape Town. Any
     Info would help.

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